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DIY Educational Origami Paper Drawing

Logiid DIY Educational Origami Paper Drawing

DIY Educational Origami Paper Drawing

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Hand-made origami allows youngsters to learn to be inventive in the process of making origami,since this will help them exercise hand-eye coordination, and improve children's ability to operate. Origami needs to be done by hand, which can improve the flexibility of children's fingers and promote the early development of their intelligence.

Key Benefits

  • Cultivate the baby's ability to use the brain and exercise the children's comprehensive coordination ability.
  • And tests children's patience and sense of space.
  • In addition, it will also reinforce children's remarks,while developing children's creativeness at the same time.


  • Age: 3years +
  • A great handmade toy, nurturing baby's all-round development.
  • Bestows great sense of satisfaction for the baby when the work is done.
  • The process of origami also promotes harmony with classmates, teachers and parents.


  • Weight:0.27Kg
  • Packing:295*215*80mm
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