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Robotime 3D All-Powerful Robot Puzzles For Boys

Logiid Robotime 3D All-Powerful Robot Puzzles For Boys

Robotime 3D All-Powerful Robot Puzzles For Boys

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Lego has always been the number one for many children. That is due to the fact that they can create endless shapes according to their desires, which will fill them with a sense of accomplishment. We strongly recommend this set of LEGO-style that is even more interesting of advanced mechanical masters(non-Lego brand). It includes N multi-physics knowledge and like kind of a general encyclopedia. If these interesting linkage mechanical shapes can be made by children themselves , I believe they will be cheerful and inspire infinite curiosity about this knowledge.

Key Benefits

  • With the combination of its rich mechanical Principles it allows every work move.
  • Mechanical rigging projects
  • A total of 72 morphological changes


  • Age: 5years +
  • Provided with easy to difficult, step by step with Rich mechanical principles made this product an
  • Excellent quality. Constructed seamless.
  • And a well known science book that spice up learning.


  • Weight:0.74Kg
  • Packing:200*200*60mm
  • Rounded corners
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