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Kids Toys "Dino Run" Dart Board For Sucked Type Foam Darts

Logiid Kids Toys "Dino Run"  Dart Board For Sucked Type Foam Darts

Kids Toys "Dino Run" Dart Board For Sucked Type Foam Darts

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It has a great accessory for soft bullet toy Dino Run, less worries for parents as it is super safe and fun, makes a great gift.
The provided board can be hung on any wall or door conveniently.Hardness and smoothness are both enhanced.

This dart board is compatible with all soft bullet gun.
Smooth sucked type design, can suck the target on any smooth place.
The scores target surface is smooth and better able to let the bullets sucked on it.

Key Benefits

  • There are several ways to improve your childs fine motor skills and this can be acquired through this toy that we offer.
  • Fine motor skills is fundamental movement in this way, a child learn to move with confidence and control whilst.
  • Hand-eye coordination is being developed.
  • Bonus point is that they will be able to practice basic math: addition and subtraction


  • Age: 3 years +;
  • Good for indoors & outdoors: hook anywhere, play at home or on the move;
  • Safe design: velcro dart balls instead of traditional darts, say goodbye to getting punctured or unexpected injuries;
  • Double-sided, double the fun;
  • No sharp points means safer playing for everyone.
  • Cardboard are guaranteed to be made of nothing but a good quality materials and durable to use.
  • 100% non-toxic


  • Box size: 450* 370* 50mm
  • Dartboard diameter: 360 mm
  • Dart ball diameter: 30 mm
  • Weight: 0.22kg
  • Materials: plush fabrics, paper board, EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), PP (polypropylene)

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