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Early Learning Cognition Toys For Kids

Logiid Early Learning Cognition Toys For Kids

Early Learning Cognition Toys For Kids

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0-3 years old is a golden period for the development of infants' physical, emotional, motor and cognitive abilities. During this period, if parents can grasp the critical period of the child's brain development and provide scientific and reasonable early education for the child, they can fully explore give full play to the child's potential, so that the child has more development potential.

Key Benefits

  • Generates the baby's color cognition, observation and resolution ability through perceiving the color of the animal.
  • Improves the baby's mathematical cognition and logical reasoning ability by observing the number of small insects.
  • Contemplating the animal's position, develop the baby's ability to distinguish and perceive the difference in space position.


  • Age:3years +
  • Number matching game,including 20game card,there are five kinds of lovely insects in the card,count the number of small insects on the card,how many are each? Then moe the small round chess to the corresponding position.The game can culivate children's observation ability and simple addition.


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  • Packing:220*220*35mm
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