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Wood Block Puzzle Best Educational Toy

Logiid Wood Block Puzzle Best Educational Toy

Wood Block Puzzle Best Educational Toy

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Children with spatial logical thinking have a holistic sense of things. They tend to be delicate and also accurate in judging things. They can easily comprehend from the overall situation furthermore their logic is strong to distinguish the differences between the primary and the secondary when they are in trouble.They can quickly interpret the context and trend of the development of things, it is undeniable that they are better at thinking and discerning.

Key Benefits

  • Trains children's spatial logical thinking.
  • Stimulate the imagination and create a variety of interesting shapes.
  • To meet the logical thinking needs of children in different ages.
  • Cultivate children's interest in mathematics.


  • Age:3years +
  • Common geometric figures to meet the basic needs of preschool knowledge reserve.
  • Feel the height of the building blocks, distinguish the size, length, queue combination.
  • Scientific difficulty design, game levels from simple to difficult.
  • 100% Safe Materials
  • Rounded Corners.


  • Weight:0.65Kg
  • Packing:180*180*55mm
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